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Unione Italiana Ciechi e Ipovedenti UICI (ONLUS) (Italian Union of the Visually Impaired), social utility non profit organization. Founded 1923 in Florence, has more than 100 local branches in all italian provinces and in the major municipalites, all of which have legal autonomy and an elected board. The UICI is member of the European Union of the Blind as well as of the World Blind Union and in both institutions we belong to the leading board. The Florence department, following the founding principles, is committed in promoting the social inclusion of visually impaired people in the local community as well as people with other disabilities (psychic, cognitive and in movement). Our mission is to facilitate social integration of the visually impaired (VI) persons and to promote a more realistic aptitude of Public Authorities as well as of the public opinion with regard to problems concerning VI. This includes a variety of policies, actions and events, in cooperation with private and public institutions, in the domain of education, sport, leisure, social security and welfare, job opportunities, access to information and IT, rehabilitation, self help groups, general and specific meetings.


Unione Italiana Ciechi e Ipovedenti Firenze

Telephone: 0039 055 580319

Ms. Vanessa Cascio

Ms. Lisa Bucciolini



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