Intellectual output: SETP

INTELLECTUAL OUTPUT 1 (I.O.1) Innovative social entrepreneurship training programme (SETP) for young people who are visually impaired

Start day: 01.05.2019

End date: 30.11.2020

Description of the Intellectual Output 1

The V.I.V.A. training programme will combine and adapt three concepts: development of leadership skills, development of inter-cultural skills and development of social entrepreneurial skills, aided by an excellent example of a innovative social entrepreneurial practice (bread in the dark and bakers without borders) and a team-building practice (drama for ensemble building among young people with v.i).

The target group of V.I.V.A. would be v.i. at an age between 18 and 30 who would:

  • improve self-knowledge and awareness;

  • improve confidence and motivation for personal growth;

  • better understanding of available resources

  • identify opportunities for professional development with accompanying practical skills.


The main types of learning experiences to be embedded in the whole program are experiential learning and peer supported learning.

The training programme is now ready and available in:

- English language (pdf version),

- Bulgarian language (word version and pdf version),

- Dutch language (word version and pdf version),

- Romanian language (pdf version)

- Italian language (pdf version).

24 hour access


Developed in transnational cooperation

Available online