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The  Icelandic Service and resource Institute for blind, Visually impaired and deaf blind individuals was founded in 20089 and its mission is to gather knowledge and provide all services the Blind and visually impaired people need, all in one place. It is a relatively small Institute with only about 25 staff. Still, we provide services in a number of areas. We have an Access technology department, Braille and large print production department, educational consultancy, Optician services and low vision assessments, Orientation and mobility department, an ophthalmologist and an ocularist. Additionally, we provide services to deaf blind individuals where their needs fall within our expertise. The vision for our institute was to use the small population of Iceland to our advantage and gather all these services together to create a one stop shop for the blind and visually impaired  where they can get most if not all of the specific services they require. Our model is based on an inclusive ideology where we want experts in the Education and habilitation of blind and visually impaired to work together with medical professionals working directly with the eyes.


The institute for the Blind, Visually impaired and deaf blind individuals

Address: Hamrahlíð 17, 105 Reykjavik, Iceland

Phone: +354-545-5800


Web site:

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