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FDCBPCS is an NGO developing, implementing and managing European projects and providing consultations in the spheres of culture, art, tourism, e-learning as well as non-formal education and support for creative school education development. FDCBPCS has a network of school partners throughout the country, developed and maintained under a number of successful projects. FDCBPCS is an experienced organization with a broad scope of collaborators and partners within the country and abroad. FDCBPCS has been providing services and support to the people with visual impairments since 2014 when we initiated the Erasmus+ "V.I.S.I.ON: Visual Impairment Social Inclusion ON" - project, which was focused on using drama exercises for developing the confidence and expression skills of visually impaired children - - awarded as a good practice by the BG NA and as a success story by the European Commission. Later on, considering the amazing effects of simple drama exercises, we continued with the "Applied theatre in support of visually impaired children and young people" project, supported by the BG Operational programme "Human resources development" - Since April 2017 FDCBPCS is a licensed provider of an innovative social service for visually impaired children and young people and works in close collaboration and mutual support with the two schools for v.i. students in the country – the ones in Sofia and Varna.

Our organization implements a number of other non-formal education school-based projects, information about which can be discovered on our organizational web-site as well as on our Facebook page:




Telephone: 00359 2 4342244

Mrs Zornitsa Staneva



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