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Artevelde University College (AHS)

Artevelde University College, member of the Ghent University Association, offers a wide variety of study programmes in the fields of business, teacher training, communication and media, healthcare and social work.

The university college was founded in 2000, from the merger of four local university colleges. Today, it is a progressive centre of expertise for education, research and development, where students, staff members and strategic partners work together in a stimulating, internationally-oriented environment.

We educate professionals who push their boundaries through creativity, innovative thinking and entrepreneurship, and pursue excellence and sustainability.

Based on a culture of internationalisation, Artevelde University College is an active partner in several international networks and collaborates intensely with international partners for educational and research purposes. This year, Artevelde University College has 13828 students, 972 international partners, 1300 staff members and 11 campuses. (Source:


Department of teacher education

The teacher training department for Secondary education offers quality teacher training based on the three pillars of our curriculum: expertise in two core subjects, supporting subjects and work experience. Students will be qualified to teach 12-to-18-year-olds. This year we have 2105 students and 115 staff members. We have a strong international focus

full three year bachelor programme is taught in Dutch. Graduates from the Bachelor of Secondary Education department find employment in education and education-related organisations as well as in the private sector. (Source:

Contact person: Lut De Jaegher


Cell: (+32)478292256

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