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The International Council for Cultural Centres (I3C) is founded as a world-wide civil society and volunteer-run initiative in 2008 and has already gained international recognition from global organizations like UNESCO, Slow Food International, UNAOC, and European Commission. It is based in Bulgaria as an NGO Association with international membership and currently is the biggest organization uniting community cultural centres from 56 countries. The organization involves in its local activities diverse people, professionals and volunteers and promotes active participation by various civic groups to help create more colourful, creative, and peaceful communities around the world through the power of the bread as most universal symbol. I3C includes the global Bread Houses Network (BHN) which creates and unites centres for community-building, creativity, and social entrepreneurship with the mission to inspire individuals and communities to discover and develop their creative potential and cooperate across all ages, professions, gender, special needs, and ethnic backgrounds through collective bread-making. Currently, the network unites 8 Bread Houses in Bulgaria and trained people and organizations in 19 countries on 5 continents.

For the past 10 years Bread Houses Network have been developing various innovative services, products and programs, which solve different social problems by using social entrepreneurial approaches. In 2017 the Bread House Network implemented the project Bread in the Dark and has developed a social innovation method for community cohesion and personal transformation especially tailored for visually impaired people.




The International Council for Cultural Centres (I3C)

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Mrs Atanaska Terziyska


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