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"Ofensiva Tinerilor" Association was founded in 2004 by a team of dedicated youth workers who wanted to offer young people accessible educational opportunities that would help them achieve their full potential. This remained our mission ever since. An essential element of our work is the European cooperation and exchange, as a mean to supporting persons belonging to different backgrounds to embrace cultural diversity, understand the common European values and develop responsibility in the community.

Our trans-national initiatives are organised in cooperation with local and national institutions, with the support of the Erasmus+ Programs and also through pilot calls of the European Commission (AMICUS, EYV 2011, etc.). In the last 5 years we have:

- sent more than 50 EVS volunteers in stages in Europe, Asia and Africa;

- hosted more than 150 EVS volunteers;

- hosted more than 200 youth workers and young people who have been in training courses or youth exchanges experiences in Romania;

- sent more than 100 youngsters to participate in mobility projects.

Since 2014 we are members of the European Peer Training Organization, sharing a common vision: “People enjoy learning from each other, how to embrace their differences and realise their unique potential”. In the spirit of this vision, we have implemented several peer-education programmes on various topics like: diversity and anti-discrimination, religious diversity, gender equality, inner-diversity. Also, together with partners from five Balkan countries we have developed the “Peers for Inclusion” training methodology, aimed at creating attitudes and offering tools youth workers need to become more inclusive in their work towards persons with disabilities. At local level, since 2014 we have more than 1000 beneficiaries of these programmes, including young people, youth workers and teachers.



Ofensiva Tinerilor

str. M. Eminescu, nr. 6, Arad, Romania

Dorothea Elek - project coordinator

office phone/fax: 0040357402172

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