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C2 Blended training event with SETP for groups of v.i. young people

The initial purpose of this activity was to test the V.I.V.A. training program with the pilot group of young visually impaired entrepreneurs in a multicultural environment.

Considering the travel impossibilities imposed by covid-19 the project leader modified the training event into an short-term joint staff training event, which had the objective of providing training to both staff members and v.i. project participants on how to organize and lead training activities with the online version of the V.I.V.A. training programme, available here: (when you go to the VIVA link, you can enter as a guest and will gain unlimited access to the entire SETP, uploaded as separate and conveniently organized activity-files).


The activity took place physically in Arad, Romania, but was attended online by all participants who were unable to travel.

Practical training

International travel

Working in a community

New social entrepreneurial ideas

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