C2 Blended training event with SETP for groups of v.i. young people

The purpose of this activity is for testing the V.I.V.A. training program with the pilot group of young visually impaired entrepreneurs in a multicultural environment.

A total of 36 participants between them also visually impaired youth (8 from RO, 8 from BG and 5 from each of the other partner countries) will go through a blended training, which will be led by youth workers, participants in C1, and will be used for testing the effectiveness of the V.I.V.A. program in an international setting. The trainers will be using the developed training program and the included detailed guidelines, accompanying the exercises, in order to carry out the training of the visually impaired youths.

The mobility will take place in Arad, Romania within the premises of Ofensiva (and or the local school for the v.i.) over a period of 5 effective days (excluding the travel days).

The program of C2 will follow the same logic of the programme for C1, only this time it will be led by youth workers who participated in the C1. Other experts – not those delivering the training - will be monitoring the process and carrying out evaluations after each day of the training for the purpose of introducing changes to the training program, if and where necessary, and assessing the progress youth workers have made.


Look out for the detailed agenda of the event!

Practical training

International travel

Working in a community

New social entrepreneurial ideas