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Visually Impaired youth with Vested Autonomy –

Social inclusion via social entrepreneurship

Supported by the “National Agency of Romania” through the Erasmus+ programme of the European Commission - project n. 2018-3-RO01-KA205-060985


The project period is 24 months, starting from 01.03.2019 until 28.02.2021.

The main objective of the consortium is to develop an innovative social entrepreneurship training programme to be applied in the youth sector, addressing the needs of young persons with visual impairment, for improved social inclusion and employment opportunities. The program will incorporate a unique delivery approach, i.e. young people with visual impairment will receive a training focused on leadership, entrepreneurial and intercultural skills, transforming them into autonomous members of society and able multipliers of the approach - trainers and motivators of other young people with visual impairment.

Based on our experiences and lessons learnt we now believe that the v.i. are the experts on their conditions, which means that they should be the ones talking, explaining, empowering others. Hence the main approach we intend to follow - "empower to empower". The main planned outcomes of this training for our target group (youth with v.i. aged 18 to 30) would be: increased self-confidence, motivation for learning and employment, social entrepreneurial skills, self efficacy and intercultural communication skills. The overall effect would be: raising awareness and revealing participants' full potential for their personal and professional development.



Here you can find information about all the main project results as well as access to the Intellectual output, developed in a fashion allowing anyone who is interested to use the contents in their daily work with young people, who are visually impaired or other types beneficiaries.


Become a participant in the V.I.V.A. project!

Online resources combined with face-to-face workshops

Leadership and social entrepreneurship skills

Access to an Awesome Community of

Innovative Individuals 



A common email for our community: VIVA.ERASMUSPLUS@GMAIL.COM

Your contact persons in:

Romania - Dorothea Elek 0040785221973 |

Bulgaria - Zornitsa Staneva 00359889306134 |

Belgium Lut De Jaegher 0032478292256 |

Greece Charalampos Samantzis 00302421006473 |

Italy Vanessa Cascio 0039055580319 |

Iceland Margret Maria Sigurdardottir 003545455800 |

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